Anti-bullying hero Ben Cohen gets thumbs up from Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron shows his support for rugby legend Ben Cohen's StandUp Foundation at LGBT reception

Anti-bullying hero Ben Cohen gets thumbs up from Cameron
26 July 2012

UK Prime Minister David Cameron showed his support for rugby legend and gay rights champion Ben Cohen at an LGBT Downing Street reception.

Cohen proudly tweeted a photo of himself with his arm around the Conservative leader yesterday (25 July).

The pair held a t-shirt with the logo of his anti-bullying charity the StandUp Foundation, which Cohen tweeted had been given the thumbs up by the PM.

‘I’d like to thank the Prime Minister David Cameron for his support of the StandUp Foundation. He loves what we are doing with StandUp which is really great to hear,’ he posted on Twitter.

The reception Tuesday evening (24 July), one of the hottest days of the British summer so far, was held in the garden of Number 10 Downing Street.

Other celebrities attending included British gay TV star Russel Tovey.



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