Anti-gay attitudes on the rise in Russia

85% of Russians oppose same-sex marriage and gay prides in Russia, as only 4% said they supported gay rights

Anti-gay attitudes on the rise in Russia
12 March 2013

While it feels like the majority of the world has gradually more accepting of homosexuality, in Russia it is the opposite story.

Over the past eight years, the number of Russians who believe gays and lesbians should be left ‘to themselves’ has declined by 7%, while the percentage of Russians who think they should be ‘cured’ has climbed from 17% to 22%. 

The percentage of those who believe gay people should be isolated from society has increased from 12% to 16%.

On the main issues, 85% of respondents surveyed by the Levada Center said they opposed same-sex marriage in Russia, and 87% said they did not want gay prides taking place in Russian cities, according to Interfax.

The survey showed 23% of respondents felt gay people should be left alone, while 27% said they needed psychological help.

Another 22% said gays must be ‘cured’, and 5% said homosexuals should be ‘liquidated’.

In response to the question, ‘What is your personal feeling toward gays and lesbians?’, only 4% of Russians had a positive response.

50% of respondents said they felt irritation and disgust, and another 18% said they felt a sense of alertness.

Nearly 90% said they had no homosexual friends or relatives.

Earlier this year, the Russian Duma voted for a national gay gag law.

The ‘homosexual propaganda’ bill must now pass two more readings in the State Duma, be approved by the Federation Council and signed by Vladimir Putin before becoming law.

It followed the announcement Kalingrad had become the 10th region in Russia to introduce a version of the gay gag law.

The survey was conducted in February among 1,600 residents in over 130 cities in 45 regions across Russia.



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