Anti-gay builder who erected penises fined

A UK builder who put cement model penises outside a man's house has been fined for homophobic abuse

Anti-gay builder who erected penises fined
16 February 2012

A builder who erected model penises outside a man's house has been fined for homophobic abuse.

Michael Parkes pleaded guilty to using threatening words and behaviour at Bristol Magistrates' Court yesterday.

The court heard how the 34-year-old, from Bristol in the UK, who was absent from the hearing, was working on a house in Bourneville Road with another builder on 12 March, when neighbor Richard Ives asked if he could take his washing inside before they started work.

'Parkes began acting aggressively and called him "a queer",' said prosecutor Andrea Edwards, reported The Bristol Evening News.

The court heard how after Parkes continued shouting homophobic abuse, 'Mr Ives went inside and then left the house to pick up his partner.

'When they got back there was a piece of chipboard outside his house with a drawing of a penis and a homophobic slur written on it.

'There were also two models of penises that had been made out of cement, placed on his wall.'

Bridget Sanger, defending, said Parkes insisted he didn't make the models and pleaded guilty to get the case dealt with swiftly.

She said he was unable to attend the hearing because he was housebound with a broken ankle, an injury she says was sustained after he was thrown down the stairs by a co-defendent at a separate hearing in November.

Parkes was fined £200 and ordered to pay Ives £200 compensation, as well as £200 costs plus a £15 victim surcharge.



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