Anti-gay fans take to Facebook to rant because Chicago White Sox will host an LGBT night

'Shoving homosexuality on your fans is over the line'

Anti-gay fans take to Facebook to rant because Chicago White Sox will host an LGBT night
05 August 2014

The Chicago White Sox baseball team has begun publicizing ‘LGBT Pride Night: Out at the Sox’ and some of their fans are not happy about it.

The Major League Baseball franchise announced on its Facebook page that it will hold the evening on 16 August when the team takes on the Toronto Jays.

It resulted in immediate complaints.

Shoving homosexuality on your fans is over the line,’ wrote Devin Garcia in the comments section. ‘This makes me want to turn my back on the White Sox.’

Anthony Donovan, who described himself as a ‘Life time Sox Fan’ wrote that he will be no more.

‘This here is simply a Money Grab, how pathetic I mean really…let the boycott begin cause they will no longer be my team of choice…THEY GONE!’

Eric Frohriep wondered: ‘When is white male night? Do we really need an event for every belief and ethnicity?’

Jared Sabin agreed.

‘When is the Straight Pride night going to be?’ Sabin wrote. ‘If it’s all about equality then let’s make it across the board.’

Scott Harper asked: ‘Shouldn’t who we are in the bedroom with be a private matter? I don’t understand why people feel they need to shout from the mountain top what there preference in bed is. Just my opinion.’

Doug Mitts called the event ‘ridiculous and so unnecessary.’

‘It is preposterously over the top,’ Mitts wrote. ‘There is no call or reason for this. Why does an MLB team need to have a night calling attention to people’s sexual choice and preference?’

The slew of negative remarks resulted in backlash from other fans who are supportive of the event.

I hope you ignorant people are not breeding and teaching your children such drivel,’ wrote Melanie Hall.

Todd Sigeti described the anti-gay posters as ‘jerks (who) are an absolute disgrace to humanity.

‘Hey, look… it’s a bunch of people whining because a baseball team is holding a night for people who aren’t liked by an ignorant section of a religion. I don’t see any whining about Jewish Heritage Nights, or Latino Heritage Nights, etc. Why should this be any different?’

Sigeti added: ‘And to those "Where is straight pride night" people… come back to me when you can point out a time when straight people were persecuted and alienated because of their orientation. I’ll give you a hint and save you time: IT’S NEVER HAPPENED. EVER.’




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