Anti-gay group flies ‘Not Born This Way’ banner over Lady Gaga concert

Florida Family Association targeted the singer's anti-bullying and suicide prevention efforts at the Born Brave Bus Tour

Anti-gay group flies ‘Not Born This Way’ banner over Lady Gaga concert
17 January 2013

Lady Gaga is used to anti-gay protests, but even the bisexual pop icon was probably not expecting an extremist right-wing group to fly an anti-gay banner over one of her concerts.

Florida Family Association welcomed the superstar to Tacoma, Washington, on 14 January by paying a small airplane to fly an ad reading ‘Not Born This Way’ over thousands of fans.

The FFA says it was specifically targeting the Born Brave Bus Tour, a space set up before the show for people aged 13 to 25 to find resources on anti-bullying, suicide prevention and mental health services.

On its website, the group called the Bad Romance singer part of a ‘campaign to persuade kids to accept the homosexual lifestyle.’

The FFA said: ‘The fact that someone these kids do not know spent significant resources to fly a plane to tell them they are NOT born that way will prayerfully speak to their souls.

‘Florida Family Association would like to fly more banners to counter Gaga’s hedonistic, Godless message at more concerts.’

They added at $1900 (£1186, €1424) their goal was not to fly banners at every concert, but at enough concerts to make a different.

Seattle Weekly, who reviewed the concert, reported: ‘Incredibly instead of discomfort, there was utter refusal to listen at all.

‘Consensus was, if Lady Gaga was the path to purgatory, then we were all going to have a hell of a time.’

Several religious groups protested the overseas portion of Gaga’s tour, and the star was forced to cancel her concert in Indonesia.



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