Anti-gay Jamaican singer axed from US concert

Jamaican reggae artist Queen Ifrica has been removed from a concert line-up in New York after a protest against her homophobic lyrics

Anti-gay Jamaican singer axed from US concert
25 May 2014

A Jamaican reggae singer has been cancelled from a New York concert because of her homophobic lyrics.

Queen Ifrica was scheduled to perform at the Invasion of the Queens concert, alongside six other prominent Jamaican female musicians, at the Amazura concert hall in Queens, New York.

After a group of over 200 protestors campaigned outside the concert hall against Queen Ifrica, the manager announced she is no longer on the concert schedule.

‘She is not performing… everyone else will. The show will go on though,’ manager of Amazura John Rios told the Jamaica Observer.

‘We’re not prejudiced against anyone. I welcome the gay community and we get along with everybody,’ he said.

The protest was spearheaded by openly gay Queens councilman Daniel Dromm.

‘Today, unfortunately we are outside this club because one of the main oppressors of LGBT people in Jamaica is coming to this club in Queens, and we wanted to make sure that our voice of opposition to this oppressor of LGBT people are heard,’ said Dromm.

‘What she says and what she does is offensive, it is hate speech and it needs to end. Her coming to Queens, the borough of nations where we pride ourselves in our diversity is also offensive to us.

‘This type of hatred has to end. This is hate speech not free speech and people need to realize the difference between the two.’

Equality group Jamaica Anti-Homophobia Stand was also present at the protest.

‘Queen Ifrica, one of the most homophobic artists from Jamaica will be performing tomorrow and we do not think that it is right for her to perform here in the United States because of her songs,’ said protestor Michael Forbes.

‘We are basically telling her don’t want that here in the United States. Your homophobic slurs and your homophobic lyrics we don’t want that in the United States of America. Keep it to yourself.’

Queen Ifrica, real name Ventrice Morgan, is known for her homophobic songs.

‘Mi nuh want si mi brother dress up inna no skirt,’ she sings in her 2009 song Keep It To Yourself.

In August 2013, Queen Ifrica was also pulled from the line-up of Rastafest in Canada after a LGBT rights group protested over her homophobic image.

News website Daily Xtra reported at the time Queen Ifrica was denied status as a Unicef ambassador because of her homophobic attitude.



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