Anti-gay-marriage website removed from internet after ‘attacks’ in New Zealand

Anti-gay-marriage website hacked and taken down in New Zealand, as support for same-sex marriage bill grows

Anti-gay-marriage website removed from internet after ‘attacks’ in New Zealand
30 July 2012

A New Zealand anti-gay-marriage website has been taken down by its hosting company after ‘attacks’ on the day it was officially launched.

The webhost of the ‘Protect Marriage’ website decided to take it down after ‘large scale Denial of Service’ attacks (hacks) to protect their servers.

There were reports this morning that the website’s petition opposing same-sex-marriage had been targeted by pranksters.

3 News reported that the 127 signatories included Marshall Mathers (Eminem), Curtis Jackson (50 Cent), Tobias Funke (a character from TV show Arrested Development) and ‘Nosy, Homophobic People Intruding on others lives’.

Bob McCroskie, director of Family First, one of the groups behind the website,  said it had been the target of the ‘largest unprecedented attack on a website in New Zealand history’ in an interview with

McCroskie described the hack attack as ‘a desperate attempt’ at shutting down the argument against same-sex marriage. He said the group were now working with an international webhosting company and hope to have the website live again tomorrow.

Before it was taken down the website got into trouble with American rock band Train who objected to the use of their song Marry Me being embedded on the homepage.

McCroskie said they would take down the song if they were told to by the band, but they haven’t been contacted yet.

The website’s troubles come as New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said in a radio interview this morning that he will support the same-sex marriage bill currently in parliament, adding to the likelihood that it will be passed.



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