Anti-gay Muslim extremist targets UK students

London-based scholar and religious leader is giving Muslim students a half-price discount to his 'retreat' where he will give a homophobic lecture

Anti-gay Muslim extremist targets UK students
04 January 2013

A homophobic Muslim extremist is targeting British university students with discount prices to societies and seminars.

Haitham Al-Haddad, a London-based community leader who believes the UK should stand up to ‘the scourge of homosexuality’, is offering half-price tickets to Muslim students to a ‘retreat’ at which he is due to lecture.

Anti-extremist group Student Rights discovered the sheikh’s retreat company Sabeel was appealing to university students on Facebook.

Sabeel stated ‘all Islamic society leaders’ should attend the event, and would be rewarded for passing on Al-Haddad’s message to other students.

Among Al-Haddad’s many extremist views include bringing back the stoning of adulterers, punishing ‘traitors’ of religion with death, and supporting terrorist groups.

‘Some absurdly argue that homosexual inclinations are inherited through one’s genetics,’ he said in an article for magazine Islam 21C. ‘However ridiculous such a claim may be, even if accepted for the argument’s sake, it still does not justify the criminal act.’

He added that homosexuality was defined as a ‘criminal act’, and in order to ‘combat the scourge of homosexuality Allah has ordained us to speak out’.

‘It is one thing to give equal rights to different communities so as to reflect our diverse and multicultural society, and quite another to afford a criminal act (according to the fundamentals of all faiths) the same legitimacy as an extremely natural and godly method of seeking union with a member of the opposite sex,’ Al-Haddad said.

A spokesman for Student Rights said these events are more concerned with exploiting a new revenue stream than providing spiritual enlightenment.

They said: ‘There appears to be very little that can be done by universities to prevent the promotion of such events via student society social media, leading to an unhappy situation in which students can potentially be taken advantage of.’



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