Anti-gay pastor widely ridiculed in Taiwan

Pastor Kuo Mei-jiang claims homosexuality can be transferred and God has given her dozens of diamonds

Anti-gay pastor widely ridiculed in Taiwan
21 December 2013

An anti-gay pastor in Taiwan has become the most ridiculed public face there for her exaggerated views on homosexuality and bizarre experiences

Such is the fervor for pastor Kuo Mei-jiang that artists and netizens have made at least a personal website, a game, a facebook page, a sentence maker, as well as countless photomontages and remixes of her speeches.

Kuo was previously little heard of, but an October preaching has caught fire this month just as the debate on a same-sex marriage bill escalated.

In the religious service held by the Taipei Full Gospel Church, Kuo says homosexuality is a ‘trap’ and ‘witchcraft’ that drags outsiders in.

Kuo claims she has seen a public university in Taiwan, where everyone in an entire department is gay.

There is also an elder’s daughter, whose face shape has been changed in just two, three months by a close gay friend. The girl has also become confused, because there is a ‘homosexual spirit’ affecting her, Kuo notes.

‘If you’re still hanging out with gays and think you won’t be affected, raise your hands,’ said Kuo to followers.

‘Oh no!’ she sighed. ‘That’s a spirit… It will seize you entirely. Homosexuality is a trap, part of witchcraft’s power and influence.’

Since the spirit can be ‘transferred’, ordinary people, who are not Savior, must stay away from gays, Kuo explains.

Then in God’s name, she picks up an invisible ‘victory sword’ to break off all ‘chains’ and ‘burn out’ the ‘trap’.

While Kuo’s speech in itself already amuses more than enrages the LGBTI community, she would not have become a laughing stock for the general public, had she not talked about how some 50 diamonds appeared in front of her out of nowhere thanks to God.

Of the diamonds she received, five came from a washing machine and a few after a false alarm. There was also one that dropped suddenly into a prayer meeting in Macau, later growing bigger yet more surprisingly in another pastor’s palms.

A popular saying in Taiwan now goes: ‘belief in Jesus Christ yields diamonds.’


Here is a picture on Facebook of how Kuo takes on another religious leader:

Below is a rap song remixed by singer-songwriter Liao Wen-chang:

A recording of Kuo’s October preaching



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