Anti-gay pundit slams US Postal Service for upcoming Harvey Milk stamp

Anti-gay activist Matt Barber claims honoring Harvey Milk is to engage in 'historical revisionism'

Anti-gay pundit slams US Postal Service for upcoming Harvey Milk stamp
19 October 2013

When the Postal Service announced it would honor Harvey Milk, considered the first openly gay man elected to US office, with a stamp in 2014, Matt Barber slammed the decision.

The attorney works for Liberty Counsel, a right wing Christian law firm.

Milk was assassinated in 1978 by a political rival. Despite his historical importance, Barber maintains honoring the San Franciso politician is a rewrite history.

‘Well, like so much of "progressive" – that’s liberal – propaganda, this is rooted in a whitewashing of reality. It’s rooted in historical revisionism,’ Barber said to the site OneNewsNow, as reported by Right Wing Watch.

Barber claims milk was a pederast.

‘That’s a man who in his mid-30s had a sexual appetite for teenage boys as young as 15 years old.’ the anti-gay lawyer continues.

This accusation is based on statements from Milk’s ‘victims.’

‘Harvey Milk was demonstrably, categorically an evil man based on his rape of teenage boys,’ Barber continues. ‘And the fact that our US government would be commemorating and recognizing him as some kind of hero really just boggles the mind.’



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