Anti-gay Republican accidentally endorses Obama

Arizona governor made the verbal slip-up while at the Republican National Convention in Florida

Anti-gay Republican accidentally endorses Obama
30 August 2012

Jan Brewer, an anti-gay Republican, has accidentally endorsed Barack Obama in a new video set to go viral.

The homophobic Arizona governor made the verbal slip-up while at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Speaking to news network MSNBC, she said: ‘I know that if President Obama is elected in November, which I hope that he is, that he will be able to come together with all of us and come up with a solution.

‘I believe he will secure our borders and therefore we can resolve all those other issues, it’s a simple matter.’

Brewer’s office released a statement to ABC15 last night (29 August) saying she misspoke, and added she is not the first official to do so amid ‘the noise and chaos of the crowd’.

The clip set YouTube alight with comments, with one avid watcher saying: ‘This is why you shouldn’t drink when you have important stuff to do… I mean if there was a list of thing NOT to do at the RNC, ‘don’t endorse the President’ would have to be up there.’

Brewer is well known for advocating against gay people’s rights in the United States.

In 2011, she campaigned for the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that provided domestic-partner benefits to same-sex spouses of state employees.

She also supported the failed Proposition 107, which would have defined marriage as between a man and a woman in Arizona.

Despite it failing, and becoming the only U.S. state at the time to vote down a marriage amendment, Brewer campaigned successfully for a similar proposition to protect ‘traditional marriage’ two years later.

Check out the video here:



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