Anti-gay Twitter user demands ‘Straight Pride’ for ‘normal humans’

'Straight Pride UK' is calling for a march for heterosexuals against the England and Wales same-sex marriage bill

Anti-gay Twitter user demands ‘Straight Pride’ for ‘normal humans’
16 May 2013

An anti-gay Twitter account is calling for a ‘Straight Pride’ on the social networking site.

For the past four days, ‘Straight Pride UK’ has tweeted messages about the need for a heterosexual march on 20 May to protest the upcoming debate on same-sex marriage in the House of Commons.

‘Being straight is not easy under the circumstances of our society. Straight people are being persecuted every day by political correctness,’ they write.

‘We need Straight Pride to demonstrate that being heterosexual is nature’s way. We need to crush the gay agenda.’

They add: ‘If the gays can have their day, so can normal humans.’

While the account claims it is not homophobic, Straight Pride UK says denying a march ‘for normal by the gays proves that they don’t want equality’ they want special privileges’.

Some of the more offensive tweets have since been deleted.

The creator of the account is rumored to be a Christian blogger who in the past has called gay people ‘terrorists’, ‘evil not natural’, and claims they are ‘crushing democracy’.

While many assume the account to be a parody, Gay Star News were quickly blocked when we tried to contact the user.

This was in despite of Straight Pride UK linking to a GSN article earlier in the day about human rights activist Peter Tatchell calling for the government to give straight couples civil partnerships.

Quickly, the tweets began to get passed along by other Twitter users with many openly mocking the account.

‘Do you only walk in straight lines? Are you allowed to eat Curly Wurlys? DO YOU COLLECT RULERS? Please reply to me,’ one said.

Another pointed out gay pride is not ‘heterophobic’. A user said: ‘It’s not about some being more equal than others, it’s about a minority finding their voice.’

And another said: ‘Guess what, you don’t need a "pride" movement about something no one has ever tried to make you feel ashamed of.’



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