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Anton Hysen is rocking Sweden's Let's Dance

Gay footballer is winning fans with his dance-floor moves
Professional footballer Anton Hysen is winning new fans on Sweden's Let's Dance.

Professional footballer Anton Hysen was probably a bit of an obvious choice to join the cast for Sweden's Let's Dance 2012.

Known as Strictly Come Dancing in the UK and Dancing With The Stars in the US and other countries, the show's format pairs celebrities with a professional dance partner and requires them to learn and perform new routines each week.

Hysen's first routine - a Cha Cha Cha to the Maroon 5 track Move Like Jagger is now available on You Tube.

Hysen is already popular with gay sports lovers around the world for being one of the few openly gay professional sports people, but with his cheeky smile and snake-like hips, Hysen is clearly going to be attracting a whole lot more attention.

See him perform here:

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