Argentina debates blood donations from gays

Argentina's Congress is considering a bill that bans clinics from asking donors about their sexual orientation

Argentina debates blood donations from gays
04 July 2012

Argentina is addressing its anti-gay blood donation policies.

Congress is contemplating an anti-discrimination bill that would stop clinics from preventing gay, bi and trans individuals from donating blood based solely on their sexual orientation.

Presented in 2008 by representative Roy Cortina in collaboration with Federación Argentina LGBT (FALGBT), one of the country’s leading gay rights organizations, the proposed bill would eliminate questions about a donor’s sexual orientation from the forms used at the time of donating blood.

Current Ministry of Health guidelines use sexual orientation, specifically identifying men who have sex with men, as criteria for ineligibility for blood donation.

The FALGBT said in a statement: ‘There are only risky behaviors, not risky groups or risky individuals. Homosexuals have suffered this painful discrimination for some time.’

This new legislation seeks to change the blood law to read ‘at the time of donation donors will not be required to give information on their sexual identity, sexual orientation, personal life, or other information that results in the discrimination or violation of personal rights.’ 



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