Argentina issues its first same-sex parent birth certificate

The capital city of Buenos Aires is registering Tobias, a three-week old boy born in India, to two fathers without differentiating between biological and paternal parent

Argentina issues its first same-sex parent birth certificate
31 July 2012

Argentina is registering its first same-sex parent birth certificate.

According to an announcement by LGBT rights group Federación Argentina (FALGBT), the civil registry of Buenos Aires will officially register Tobias, a three-week old baby boy born in India, to gay parents Carlos Dermgerd and Alejandro Grinblat.

This allows the two fathers, who reportedly had problems filling out birth forms that were not suited for filing from two men, to take Tobias safely out of India and travel to Argentina.

The move also ensures full equality and protection of parental rights to both same-sex parents and the child.

‘This huge step puts our country once again at the vanguard of protection and promotion of rights of the LGBT community,’ said Estaban Paulón, president of FALGBT.

Though this is not the first birth certificate registered under two same-sex parents (as recently as June two Australian dads were recognized as gay parents), this is a huge step for the Latin American region, and particularly for Argentina who became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2010.

‘A modification to Argentina’s Civil Code is being debated in the Congress which would made this kind of registrations standard in all the country,’ said FALGBT Secretary for International Relations Alejandro Nasif Salum. 

According to the FALGBT, permitting equal co-parenting sets a precedent for other surrogate children from same-sex marriages. The move helps minimize discrimination as well as maintaining the highest interest of the children and the protection of the family unit under Argentine law.

Judges Fabiana Schafrick y Elena Liberatori approved the co-parenting registration with the support of the City of Buenos Aires as well as the country’s Foreign Ministry.



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