Arizona governor demands removal of gay couple benefits

Jan Brewer is requesting the Supreme Court reverse a ruling that gave benefits, including health insurance, to same-sex partners of state employees

Arizona governor demands removal of gay couple benefits
11 July 2012

Arizona’s governor wants to do away with same-sex partner benefits.

Republican lawmaker Jan Brewer filed a petition on 2 July (Monday) to the Supreme Court to reverse a September 2011 ruling that gave health benefits to same-sex partners who are state employees.

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled in Diaz vs Brewers that benefits could not be refused based on sexual orientation.

The plaintiffs, all state employees in same-sex domestic partnerships, demonstrated their partners would endure ’emotional and physical hardship’ if their benefits were removed.

Brewer’s petition comes three months after the Ninth Circuit Court denied a request by Arizona lawmakers to revisit the ruling.

Brewer, who is also responsible for Arizona’s law that makes it a crime for an immigrant in the state to not carry registration documents, signed a law in 2009 to remove same-sex partners from employees’ health plans.

In 2008, Brewer’s predecessor Janet Napolitano made an executive order to approve benefits for the partners of state employees.

Lambda Legal, one of America’s largest LGBT organizations, is representing the nine plaintiffs.



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