Artist Grayson Perry says he’s ‘wrong sort of tranny’

Turner Prize winner from UK says he's had mixed reactions from trans community to his female alter-ego Claire

Artist Grayson Perry says he’s ‘wrong sort of tranny’
20 June 2012

Cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry says he’s the ‘wrong sort of tranny’ and has had mixed reactions from the transgender community.

During an interview on weekly podcast HomoLab, the Turner Prize winner said he was surprised by the reaction to female alter-ego Claire.

‘When I won the Turner Prize and made the mistake of looking at some of the chat rooms, I was the wrong sort of weirdo for a lot of people,’ said Perry.

‘It wasn’t enough that I was a tranny, it was that I wasn’t the right sort of tranny. And I thought, “That’s odd. Are there rules about this then?”’

The British-born artist, who describes Claire as a ‘fortysomething woman… who eats ready meals and can just about sew on a button’, said the ‘tranny world’ is full of schisms.

He said: ‘When you go to a large gathering of trannies, what becomes very apparent is all the things that aren’t going on in the room. You know, the education and the background of people.’

Perry can currently be seen in Channel 4’s three-part documentary series All In The Best Possible Taste, which sees the artist examine the relationship between class and taste in the UK.



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