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Artists' kissing video gets flagged and age restricted on YouTube

Idan Bitton and Alfredo Calle Ferran share a first kiss video project
Artists Idan Bitton and Alfredo Calle Ferran kissing

US artists Idan Bitton and Alfredo Calle Ferran are wondering why YouTube flagged, and age restricted, their project.

First Kiss is a 84-minute kiss video between the two.

'While the camera is still, the kiss is in motion provoking the viewer to stay and watch. Idan and Alfredo do not interact with the viewer, but offer a peek into their intimate moments of commitment,' the project's description says.

Bitton wrote to the site Towleroad to explain the work 'got flagged and age restricted on YouTube while other "straight" kissing videos are not. Some of them even have titles such as "How to Kiss Dirty" and such.'

In the YouTube community guidelines page, the site forbids pornographic and sexually explicit material.

Below is the Bitton and Ferran video.

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