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Asexual man charged for serving his genitals to diners in Japan

Tokyo police charge 23-year-old illustrator with indecent exposure
Mao Sugiyama

A man who had surgery to remove his genitals, and then served them at a dinner, is being charged with indecent exposure by Tokyo Metropolitian Police.

Twenty-three-year-old illustrator Mao Sugiyama had surgery to remove his penis and testicles to fulfil his asexual identity.

Sugiyama said the dinner where he served his cooked organs to five diners for around $250 each was a stunt to raise awareness about asexual people and other sexual minorities, Japan Daily Press reports.

The dinner was in May but police have only just charged Sugiyama and three others with indecent exposure, because there are no laws against cannibalism in Japan.

The charges could result in up to two years in prison and a fine of up to 2.5 million Yen ($32,000, €24,730). 

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