Atlanta nightclub refused entry to trans woman ‘because we can’

Caught on film, an employee of Don Pollo Bar & Grill openly admits discriminating against trans people

Atlanta nightclub refused entry to trans woman ‘because we can’
10 November 2013

An Atlanta nightclub has been accused of transphobia after banning a transgender guest ‘because they can’.

The Don Pollo Bar & Grill in Atlanta, Georgia, refused entry to Allisah Brooks on Friday (8 November) simply because of her gender identity.

Brooks, a drag performer, claims she was told by security ‘You can’t come in because you are a man.’

When challenged by her friends, an employee of the nightclub simply stated they refused her entry ‘because we can’.

Caught on film, Brooks’ friends ask the employee: ‘Our friend was discriminated against by your security… the problem was she is transgender and [the bouncer] denied her entry.’

The employee quickly interrupts: ‘What’s wrong with that?’

When her friends show disgust, the employee continues: ‘Yeah, we can do that. We have the right to be selective… We can do that, we’re private property. We have the right to do that.’

Speaking after the incident, Brooks said: ‘My reaction simply is just surprised… I’ve never had this happen. So it feels awkward.

‘As for what’s next, I’m just spreading the word so everyone is aware. I’m involved with GLAAD and my best friend Kat Graham is helping share the story and just make everyone aware of the situation. I’m not seeking a lawsuit, just awareness.

‘I could understand if it was a dress code thing. But I’m not the first [trans person] and I’m certainly not the last.’

Since the incident, Don Pollo has recieved a lot of negative feedback from customers furious about the bigotry shown by the staff.

One message reads: ‘I will never eat here again because of your negative assumptions and stereotypes. None of my friends will be either – we all joined the 21st century a while ago.’

Another says: ‘Stop your hated and bigotry! Apologize to those that were offended!! Invite them and other LGBT members back for an official apology!!!’

Watch the shocking confession by a Don Pollo staff member here:



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