Aussie gay marriage ad to air in US

A same-sex marriage ad with 6.5 million hits looks set to reach primetime American audiences this fall

Aussie gay marriage ad to air in US
25 August 2012

GetUp! Australia’s moving pro-gay marriage ad is to run in the United States to give the American marriage equality movement a boost in the run-up to elections in November, according to mUmBRELLA.

Using the first-person camera view approach, ‘It’s Time’ tells the love story of a gay couple ending in a marriage proposal.

It was first launched in Australia in November last year ahead of the Labor Party national conference and has been viewed 6.5 million times.

A non-profit named after the film, It’s Time Marriage Equality, is now seeking US$10,000 (€7,992) to fund national airings of an edited version in the US.

They are seeking to put the ad on primetime TV by raising money on Social Teeth, but have so far only managed to secure enough funds for airings in six states. They also intend to run it on Hulu, YouTube and Facebook.

The group plan to create original content with real-life couples, if funding allows, following the GetUp! film that features straight actor, journalist and filmmaker Julian Shaw.

The Aussie film has earlier inspired another marriage equality video ‘Love is Love’, which tells the story of a lifetime of two people in love, from living together to raising a child, and ends at the point where all couples have to part.



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