Aussie gay mums and dads get same rights as straight couples for paid parental leave

New ‘Dad and Partner Pay’ scheme available to same-sex partners and straight couples

Aussie gay mums and dads get same rights as straight couples for paid parental leave
01 October 2012

From today gay Australian mums and dads expecting an imminent bundle of joy can apply to receive ‘Dad and Partner Pay’.

The new policy introduced by Families Minister Jenny Macklin will allow dads or the partner of the ‘primary care giver’ to have two weeks off work paid at the minimum wage.

‘The new Dad and Partner Pay will help dads take more time off in those critical early months to bond with their baby and help mums right from the start,’ said Macklin today, adding that the new scheme will help parents who don’t get paid paternity leave from their employer, The Australian reports.

To be eligible, the dad or partner must have earned $150,000 (Australian dollars, $155,000, €121,000) or less in the last year and have worked at least 330 hours in 10 of the last 13 months before the start of the paid leave.

Parents can apply for Dad and Partner Pay up to three months before the expected date of birth or adoption, as long at it’s after 1 January 2013. 



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