Aussie stars say ‘I do’ to support gay marriages

Australian stars express their support for marriage equality in the July issue of Marie Claire

Aussie stars say ‘I do’ to support gay marriages
03 June 2012

Actress Rachael Taylor fronts the cover of the latest issue of Marie Claire, joining forces with a sea of other Australian big names who have signed on to the magazine’s marriage equality campaign.

‘I think Australians are big-hearted and open-minded people, and embracing same-sex marriage is just a logical extension of who we are,’ said the cover girl.

‘I can’t wait to celebrate the weddings of ALL my friends in the coming year,’ she added. ‘It’s time.’

Marie Claire, together with the Seven Network’s Sunrise and Morning Show programs and the GetUp! lobby group, launched the ‘I do’ campaign today (3 Jun).

Celebs that have put their names behind the campaign include former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins, TV personality Charlotte Dawson, fashion designers Jayson Brunsdon and Alex Perry, comedian Magda Szubanski, gay Olympic gold medallist Matt Mitcham and gay Greens ex-senator Bob Brown.

Marie Claire editor Jackie Frank has also penned a letter in the glossy’s current issue to explain the campaign and criticize political leaders.

‘When I got married more than 15 years ago, I was able to declare my love for my husband in front of my friends and family, and have it recognised under Australian law. It angers me that this basic human right is not open to all Australians. We live in the last developed, English-speaking country in the world whose leader hasn’t expressed support for marriage equality. The last one.’

‘Love is love. If you care about equality for all people – whether you’re gay or straight – we need your voice. Join us in our push for change,’ she concluded.

Gay rights campaigners have welcome the move to make everyone treated equally.

‘We’re over the moon that so many Australian celebrities are not only endorsing marriage equality but actively campaigning for it,’ said Alex Greenwich, national convener for Australian Marriage Equality.

Special ‘I Do’ events to be broadcast on 7’s Sunrise breakfast show will take place on Thursday (7 June)at Martin Place in Sydney and at Bourke St Mall in Melbourne.

Same-sex marriages in Australia are currently not recognized under the Federal Marriage Act.

Prime Minister Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott are both opposed to gay marriage.

Lawmakers will be voting on two different bills calling for the right of two peopleto marry regardless of their sexual orientation to be legally enshrined, after the findings from inquiries into the bills are tabled in Parliament on June 18.

There is an online petition calling for the Act to be changed to allow same-sex marriage here.

Watch the celebs say ‘I do’ here:



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