Aussie teen actress thanks lesbian mums in awards speech

16 year-old actress Brenna Harding has thanked her lesbian mums in a teary speech after winning the Most Popular New Female Talent award at Australia’s annual Logies television awards

Aussie teen actress thanks lesbian mums in awards speech
08 April 2013

16 year-old Australian actress Brenna Harding has thanked her lesbian mothers in a tearful acceptance speech at the annual Logies television awards.

Harding won the Most Popular New Female Talent award category for her role in the TV remake of director Bruce Beresford’s classic  coming of age film Puberty Blues and the novel of the same name, set in the late 1970’s, which began screening on Australia’s Channel Ten last year.

Harding told the audience that she had been incredibly lucky to have been raised in such a supportive environment.

‘I especially have to thank two women – my beautiful mothers, Vicki and Jackie, who have been so incredibly supportive, and so wonderful, not just in the last three months of shooting, but in all of my 16 years,’ Harding said in a tearful speech, clearly surprised by the win.

‘Thanks so much, mums.’

Harding also thanked the generation of Australian women depicted in the television series who had worked to make sure her generation had not had to go through the same ‘puberty blues.’

Following the award Harding tweeted, ‘Thank you so much to everyone who voted! I am so, so grateful, what an amazing night.’

Brenna Harding’s first appearance on television was in a 2004 episode of the popular children’s television show Playschool alongside her two mothers in the first ever inclusion of a family parented by a same-sex couple in the show.

The episode in which she appeared was widely attacked by conservative groups and politicians from both sides of Australian politics.

‘I’d be concerned if a children’s program explored issues of sexuality, because that’s a matter for parents,’ then Opposition families spokesman and now Australia’s Treasurer Wayne Swan told the Sydney Morning Herald.

‘This is a story that reflects the hopes and aspirations of some adults and in some ways seeks to justify and promote the idea of gay parenting,’ the then Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, John Anderson said.

‘I think before the views, interests and perspectives of adult parents are put forward, the first consideration should be for the children who can’t speak for themselves.’

Brenna had been interviewed for the program.



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