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Australian anti-gay protestors face off at marriage equality rally

Christian group attempted to crash pro-gay rally, but were shouted down
Community Action Against Homophobia

Christian anti-gay groups interrupted a rally for equal marriage on the steps of Sydney's town hall today (01 September).

Pro-gay activists from Community Action Against Homophobia gathered for a demonstration in support of marriage equality six days before Australia's federal elections.

The day began with speeches outside Sydney town hall, followed by a march through the streets.

The rally was quickly interrupted by anti-marriage equality campaigners, who countered the protest with anti-gay rhetoric.

A man with a loudspeaker was joined by Christian activists waiving anti-gay banners warning homosexuals about 'judgement day'.

The banners included the messages 'Do you love your sin enough to burn in Hell forever?' and 'Hell is horrible, no warning is too strong!'

Joining the Christian protesters were members of Adelaide's controversial Rundle Mall street preachers, known for their homophobic views and attempts to crash Adelaide's gay pride parades.

They were quickly shouted down by the pro-gay protestors, however, who chanted 'hey hey ho ho, homophobia has to go' and moved their protest towards the Christians.

Police, including officers on horseback, had to patrol the area between the groups to keep them separate as the exchanges became more heated.

It has been claimed that someone removed the batteries from the loudspeaker to help silence the anti-gay protestors.

The pro-gay rally then moved on from outside the town hall and down Oxford Street, where the group recreated a famous rainbow crossing out of chalk.

The original, which was commissioned to celebrate 35 years of Sydney Mardi Gras, was controversially ripped up overnight without warning in April. The removal of the crossing inspired LGBT Australians to recreate their own crossings out of chalk across the country.

Recent polls have suggested the majority of Australians are in support of marriage equality, but there is a clear divide amongst ideologies.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has promised a referendum on same sex marriage would be introduced within 100 days if re-elected in the coming election.

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