Australian Christian group blames bushfires on gay marriage

Christian group Christian Snippets Australia has blamed this month’s catastrophic bushfires in the state of New South Wales on efforts to legalize same-sex marriage, saying they were a final warning from God

Australian Christian group blames bushfires on gay marriage
31 October 2013

New South Wales (NSW) lawmakers have been bombarded with emails from group Christian Snippets Australia claiming that this month’s catastrophic bushfires were a warning from God to back down on plans to allow same-sex couples to marry in the state.

Christian Snippets Australia warned that recent ‘bushfires and gale force winds’ were a ‘prelude’ to what would happen if a bill to legalize same-sex marriage is passed by the NSW Upper House.

Christian Snippets Australia warned NSW lawmakers that the fires had been ‘a final attempt to avoid the foreboding disasters that God will bring down upon your own head, and upon the heads of many others, should this Bill be passed.’

The email warned NSW state Premier Barry O’Farrell to ‘quash the bill or be quashed’ himself.

Christian Snippets Australia have in the past warned that people are trying to promote ‘godless socialism’ in Australia.

O’Farrell declared a state of emergency 20 October with over 100 bushfires burning across the state though these are mostly under control now.

The fires killed two people and destroyed 248 houses and it is estimated they caused nearly $100 million worth in damage.



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