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Australian climate change minister comes out in support of gay marriage

Majority of Australian cabinet now support gay marriage, Australian Marriage Equality say
Greg Combet, Australian Minister for Climate Change, supports gay marriage

The Australian minister for climate change and energy efficiency is the latest politician to publicly announce his support for same-sex marriage.

In a letter to a constituent in Charlton, northern New South Wales where he is MP, Greg Combet said:

‘In line with my own values, as someone who has always fought for equality, social justice and fairness, I support marriage equality.

‘I have been contacted by many members of the community, both supporting and opposed to marriage equality and I have taken these views into account in determining my own position.’

Australian Marriage Equality say that Combet’s endorsement means that the majority of the Australian cabinet now openly support gay marriage - 12 out of 22 ministers.

‘It’s critical for the success of reform that our nation's most senior politicians take a lead on this issue, particularly when the Prime Minister continues to inexplicably oppose it,’ said Australian Marriage Equality’s national convener Alex Greenwich.

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