Australian comic obliterates opponents to gay marriage

Aussie comic Craig Ruecassel leaves people against gay marriage lost for words as he tears their reasons for opposing it apart

Australian comic obliterates opponents to gay marriage
28 September 2012

An Australian comic has hilariously blasted the arguments of people who oppose gay marriage.

On his show The Hamster Wheel, comic Craig Reucassel leaves politicians, athletes and religious people eating their words when he challenges them on their reasons for being against gay marriage.

Hilarity ensues when Reucassel goes to a Australian National Marriage Day rally to ask some ‘serious’ questions about opposition to gay marriage.

When asked if women should submit to their husbands as if they were lords, as the Bible says, Father Chris Hefferman can barely get his words out and goes on to stutter and stumble his way through an awkward reply.

He then moves onto annihilate veteran politician Fred Nile, who has opposed gay rights for decades and repeatedly refers to the Australian Prime Minister Julie Gillard as a man.

Nile also believes giving gay people rights will promote the ‘homosexual lifestyle’ and said Australian Senator Penny Wong having a baby would ‘promote lesbianism’.

Reucassel asks him if he considered becoming a lesbian after the birth of Wong’s baby.

The Aussie also jokingly says he can prove allowing gay people to marry will lead the way to legalizing bestiality, as far-right-wing Australian politicians have claimed in the past.

Funny man Reucassel also got down on one knee and popped the question to politician Malcolm Turnbull who voted against gay marriage in the country’s parliament.

Turnbull turned down the offer by telling him if he accepted the comic would start ‘looking favourably at small animals’ and he wanted to ‘spare both him and the animal kingdom.’

Watch the funny man rip gay marriage opponents apart in the video below:



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