Australian Government MP slams colleague over opposition to gay parents

Liberal MP and single father Ewen Jones has criticized controversial fellow Liberal Cory Bernardi over his opposition to ‘non-traditional’ families - including those where the parents are in a same-sex relationship

Australian Government MP slams colleague over opposition to gay parents
10 March 2014

A controversial Australian Government senator who once claimed same-sex marriage would lead to bestiality has been slammed in his party room over his opposition to single parents and gay and lesbian couples raising children.

Senator Cory Bernardi had been praising Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews, another Christian conservative Liberal Party MP, at a party room meeting last week for sharing similar views about non-traditional families in a recent opinion column.

Bernardi was made to resign from his role of parliamentary secretary to Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott in 2012 over his controversial comments, and warned Andrews that he should be cautious about sharing similar views in public – an apparent reference to his demotion.

However directly after Bernardi finished speaking, Liberal colleague Ewen Jones spoke to criticize Berndardi.

Jones, an MP for the Queensland seat of Herbert, told the Liberal-National Coalition party room that what mattered most was not the gender of a child’s parents but whether they were loved and cared for.

Jones spoke of his experiences about being a single parent and about a close family friend of his who is gay.

Following his speech Jones was reportedly applauded by a large group of his colleagues for sharing his views.

Jones later told Fairfax newspapers, ‘I’ve been a single parent, I know what it’s like to do the washing at 3am in the morning to make sure the uniforms are ironed.’

‘’I think it’s the quality of the role model, male or female, not the sexuality of the parents that matters.’



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