Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian says he supports gay marriage

Christian pop star says his religious beliefs have changed

Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian says he supports gay marriage
11 October 2012

Australian pop star Guy Sebastian, who was previously a devout Christian, has come out in support of gay marriage.

When Sebastian won pop reality show Australian Idol in 2003 he was known for being a member of a pentecostal church and a virgin.

Since then he’s married his long-term girlfriend, become a father and changed his religious beliefs.

‘What I was told in regards to so many things was so wrong,’ Sebastian said in an inteview published today to promote his sixth album Armageddon.

‘I don’t think anyone has the right to tell someone who they can and can’t be in love with.’

Sebastian changed his mind about his church when a childhood friend left the country because he was scared about how the community would react to his sexuality.

‘He moved countries, he was that scared about the whole religious thing because he was brought up in the church,’ Sebastian said. ‘My friends and I were like, “Dude, why did you leave, what did you think we would say?” It became not a big deal at all.’

Australia Marriage Equality’s national convenor Rodney Croome said Sebastian’s views reflect a shift of opinion in wider society.

‘Successive national polls show people who have been mild supporters of reform are becoming increasingly passionate about the issue as debate continues. The message to politicians is the longer they delay reform, the more voters they alienate.’

Today a motion to prevent the federal government from blocking state legislation on gay marriage failed in the Australian Senate



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