Australian radio station pledges support for gay marriage

Popular Australian radio station NOVA FM has joined other corporate groups in backing the country’s marriage equality campaign

Australian radio station pledges support for gay marriage
13 July 2012

A popular radio station in Melbourne has announced support for the Australian marriage equality campaign live on air.

‘We’re proud to support this campaign and do whatever we can to bring about equality for all Australians,’ said the on-air announcement during this morning’s (13 July) Fitzy and Wippa Breakfast Show.

NOVA radio’s announcement follows cosmetics retailer Lush, pledging their support for marriage equality with their Kiss and Tell photo campaign in Sydney.

Google also pledged global support for marriage equality in the last few weeks.

Australian Marriage Eqaulity’s National Convener, Alex Greenwich has publicly welcomed the announcement.

‘Nova joins a growing list of Australian companies who have embraced the importance equality and the benefits it will deliver to couples, families and communities across the country.

‘Whether it’s an internet giant like Google, a radio station like NOVA, or a retailer like Lush, corporate Australia understands that marriage equality is an issue a majority of Australians want to see happen in this term of government,’ Greenwich added.

Recent polling returned 61% of Australians want to see gay marriage legalised during the current term of government. A report from Australian Marriage Equality yesterday (12 July) announced they were only 10 votes away from a marriage equality bill passing in the senate.

NOVA FM is a popular radio station in the Melbourne and Sydney areas of Australia with over 24,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

The station is available on Sydney frequency 96.9.



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