Author donates to gay charities after every internet ‘troll’ attack

John Scalzi has raised up to $50,000 for LGBT and civil rights charities in his 'Counteract a Bigot Drive'

Author donates to gay charities after every internet ‘troll’ attack
06 February 2013

An American author has responded to internet trolls by pledging $5 to gay and civil rights charities every time he receives abuse.

Award-winning science fiction writer John Scalzi has raised over $50,000 (£32,000, €37,000) by today (6 February).

Trolls attacked the author for a pro-choice satirical blogpost from last year in which Scalzi adopted the persona of a rapist. One troll, which Scalzi affectionately calls ‘the Racist Sexist Homophobic Dipshit’, took particular issue.

Scalzi says: ‘Since then he has referred to me as "McRapey" and other such similar names.

‘I don’t know whether he actively encourages people to troll my site, as I don’t visit his site (life’s too short), but about once a day (recently) someone shows up to troll my comment section, calling me ‘McRapey’ and or describing me as a ‘gamma male’ and describing how awesome he is in some way or another.

‘I generally delete the comments when I see them.’

The money raised from what Scalzi has dubbed the ‘Counteract a Bigot drive’, will go towards the US-based pro-gay Human Rights Campaign as well as other charities Emily’s List, RAINN and NAACP.

Scalzi initially capped his pledge at $1,000 (£640, €74), but after Twitter followers and friends promised to donate, the pledge rose signifcantly.

One famous donor includes former Star Trek: The next Generation and current Big Bang Theory actor Will Wheaton.

Scalzi, the author of Old Man’s War, has since taken to his website to thank those who donated.

He posted: ‘I’m deeply honored and humbled by the show of support for organizations focused on women, LGBT, people of color and those sexually abused. Thanks, folks.’



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