Azealia Banks in trouble again for anti-gay slur

Azealia Banks gets into another Twitter spat and throws out more anti-gay bigotry

Azealia Banks in trouble again for anti-gay slur
17 February 2013

Sometimes it’s best to walk away from Twitter.

Singer Azealia Banks is having a second round of anti-gay bigotry. The set up is easy. She remixed the Internet sensation the Harlem Shake. Baauer, the artist behind the hit, didn’t appreciate Banks’ interpretation. There was a Twitter conversation, and Banks said the following:

‘You guys are all faggots…. May you drown in faggotry,’ she wrote, as reported by The Advocate.

There was outrage, but Banks doubled down.

‘Here we go again. Everyone pretending to be so shocked and moved by the word faggot,’ she wrote.

Banks is an expert when it comes to homophobic slurs on Twitter. In early January, she and columnist Perez Hilton were arguing over something and she called him a ‘messy faggot.’ Also suggested he ‘gobble a dick.’ She argued as a bisexual. there should be a pass when she uses such terms.

Below is the video that caused the recent tempest.



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