The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe, getting married on live TV, doesn’t want to talk about gay marriage

Tells Gay Star News: 'Just because of the political nature of the question I'd rather not answer'

The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe, getting married on live TV, doesn’t want to talk about gay marriage
20 January 2014

Marriage is very much on Sean Lowe’s mind these days – but not gay marriage.

Gay Star News encountered the star of the previous season of ABC’s The Bachelor at a network cocktail party over the weekend to ask about his 26 January wedding on live television to Catherine Guidici.

Lowe selected Guidici to be his wife from among more than two dozen contestants on the reality series.

Since he was able to find a wife on television, does Lowe think gays should be able to get married on TV or anywhere else?

‘That’s an interesting question,’ he said. ‘I tell you what, just because of the political nature of the question I’d rather not answer.’

‘I haven’t gotten it before,’ he added. ‘I’d have to sit down and talk to you for like an hour to fully get my opinion across.’

Later at the same party, Lowe’s successor on The Bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, caused a major controversy when he said he didn’t think a gay version of the show would be inappropriate for children. He also said gays were ‘more pervert in a sense.’

The Argentinian Galavis has issued two apologies since and blamed his remarks partially on English not being his native language. ABC has condemned his remarks.

Lowe was not asked by GSN about the notion of a same-sex version of the show but he was asked about his gay following.

‘I was aware of that,’ he said. ‘It’s all very flattering.’

‘I remember the National Enquirer or something like that had this big article about how I was the new gay icon or sex symbol, I forget how they phrased it. It’s flattering.’

‘Straight or gay, I get people who come up to me all the time and tell me they really enjoyed watching me on TV and they’re rooting for me. I think that’s incredible.’



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