Bachmanns dispute Kinsey Scale during campaign stop

Michele and Marcus Bachman call Kinsey Report on number of gays in the population 'a myth'

Bachmanns dispute Kinsey Scale during campaign stop
20 December 2011

Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachman and her husband, Marcus, say they don't believe in the Kinsey Scale frequently used to support the common estimate of 10 percent homosexuality in the general population.

'It's been a myth for many years,' Marcus Bachman said to a female voter who approached the couple at a campaign stop in Iowa on Sunday and asked the candidate to autograph a sign she was carrying which read: 'Gay-friendly Iowan.'

The woman, Kathy Schnell, said to the Bachmanns: 'I wonder if you're aware that 1o percent of the population is gay. And is you have 28 children, then 2.8 of those kids is very likely gay.'

The Bachmanns have five children and provided foster care for 23 other children.

CNN reports that Bachmann initially seemed to avoid Schnell's remark, when the Iowan turned to a friend and said, 'She's not listening to me,' the congresswoman from Minnesota replied: 'Well, that's according to the Kinsey Report.'

Marcus Bachmann then said to Schnell: 'Your facts are wrong.'

When Schnell said to the couple, 'That's not valid?' Michele Bachman said answered 'No, it isn't.'

Schnell told CNN after the encounter that while she found Michele Bachmann to be adorable, she added: 'I just don't think she should be our president.'



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