Backlash as Cher tweets Madonna jibe

'WTF is MDNA?' trends worldwide on Twitter after Cher spills the beans on former nickname for the Material Girl

Backlash as Cher tweets Madonna jibe
13 July 2012

Gay icon Cher wishes she could turn back time after Twitter followers turned on her for making a sly dig at Madonna.

‘WTF is MDNA?’, the Believe singer tweeted before posting a sarcastic comment about the record’s name once fans explained it was a play on words referring to the party drug MDMA, more commonly known as ecstacy.

‘How tasteful!’ Cher replied and then revealed her unflattering nickname for the Material Girl.

‘I had nickname for her? Back in the day had to say sorry Madge! It was uncouth’, she said.

However, fans of the Girl Gone Wild were less than happy and ‘WTF is MDNA’ quickly began trending worldwide.

Madge supporter @DanndyGarbage tweeted: ‘MDNA Tour grosses $50M from first 14 sold-out shows. WTF is MDNA? Something that @Cher can only dream of.’

Cher was quick to make a dramatic climb down, saying ‘Didn’t mean throw shade on Madge! She’s best at what she does!’

‘Doesn’t any fkng body cut slak 4 fkng mistakes! It not like I cut her heart out with a spoon! Madge & I are cool!’ she added.



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