Backstreet Boys release new music video with pro-gay message

Backstreet Boys' new video has a female couple celebrating the recent US Supreme Court Proposition 8 decision

Backstreet Boys release new music video with pro-gay message
20 July 2013

The Backstreet Boys are commemorating 20 years of making music with a tour, new album and song that shows support for marriage equality.

The world’s biggest-selling boy band introduced a music video today (19 July) on the ABC morning news show Good Morning America.

In A World Like This is the title song of their new album, which will be released at the end of the month.

‘The concept of the video is based on the song, which tells a story of how love conquers all and "in a world like this" that we live in, with all the craziness and negative energy that can go around, with real love you can overcome anything,’ band member A.J. McLean said to Good Morning America.

All five original BSB members, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson and McLean, are in the video.

According to McLean, the video looks at ‘huge moments in history': the moon landing, the attacks on 11 September and the day marriage rights returned to California.

In the music video, a female couple hold hands after the US Supreme Court’s Proposition 8 decision.

‘Marriage equality is an ongoing issue for years. BSB wants to show our support for the LGBT community and we believe that two people of the same sex should have the right to get married,’ McLean said to  morning news show.

BSB also showed its support of the gay community when it performed, late last month, at London’s Gay Pride.

The band will start touring in early August.

Below is the new video:



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