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Bamboo boxers are splinter free hit

Eco-friendly Got Wood underpants are made from more than 90% bamboo
Got Wood underpants are eco-friendly and comfortable

Pandas eat its leaves and the Chinese weave it into furniture, but are underpants made from bamboo really the next big thing in eco-friendly clothing?

With its range of colorful designs made from more than 90% bamboo wood, Wild Horse Clothing's Got Wood undies definitely look the part.

Now we know what you’re thinking, bamboo fabric must feel a bit, er, hard.

But surprisingly they are silky smooth to touch, look great on and, after a day's test drive, my crown jewels were mercifully splinter free.

Not only that, they have anti-bacterial properties and even act to disperse moisture from the skin.

That's why the GSN team gives them our panda-friendly seal of approval.

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