Banned 1995 gay Guinness advert goes viral

When the UK tabloid press wildly reported the advert as wrong, the beer company later tried to pretend the gay TV spot never existed

Banned 1995 gay Guinness advert goes viral
13 November 2012

A gay Guinness advert which never aired when it was made in 1995 has gone viral in 2012.

Banned after the UK tabloid press widely reported it as wrong and scandalous, the beer company dropped the TV spot and later tried to deny it even existed.

It shows an odd couple, one messy and one clean, and as ‘Stand By Your Man’ by Tammy Wynette plays, it is ultimately revealed they are both men.

Tony Kaye, who produced the ad, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation back in 1997 that Guinness wanted to have an advert with a certain ‘ambiguity to it.

He said: ‘So that when you watch the spot, you said, “Well are these guys gay or not?”

‘These guys are gay – the storyline, to me, needed him to give the other guy a little peck on the cheek.’

When asked why the company would deny the existence of it, Kaye said Guinness feared there would be a greater backlash from straight consumers.

‘I think it was charming and it was very funny and would sell a hell of a lot of beer,’ he said.

Check out the full advertisement here:



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