A bar game that’s top banana

Bananagrams will make you and your friends into cheeky monkeys down the pub

A bar game that’s top banana
24 February 2012

The GSN bunch is going bananas for Bananagrams – the anagram game.

Race your friends (perhaps while in your pyjamas) to build crossword grids, using up all of your letters to win. There’s no turn-taking so it’s a game that can’t go pear-shaped.

Obviously we’re usually real smoothies but when we tried it out we came up with so many rude words that we laughed so much our sides almost split.

Then, when you’re done, blender all the letters together again to come up with more a-peeling words.

We’ve got 500 to give away at Student Pride this weekend (in Brighton, UK) for people who sign up to GSN – for free. We’ll assume you’ll just be pleased to see us there and it won’t be a banana in your pocket.

That’s 10 banana puns so far. So I’m going to stop now before I slip up and it turns into a banana skin.

Find out more about Bananagrams here.



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