Barbie given ‘drag queen’ make-over

Barbie doll given make-over by New York designer

Barbie given ‘drag queen’ make-over
17 August 2012

The world’s favourite doll has been given a dazzling drag-queen make-over by New York designers The Blonds.

The design duo, made up of gay couple David and Phillipe Blond, have previously created dresses for Britney Spears, Katy Perry and the Sex & the City girls, and have expressed a desire to work with Mattel – the creators of Barbie – for a number of years.

The duo also took part in Barbie’s 50th birthday celebrations in 2009.

The $125 doll ($100), which is currently on back-order and not expected for delivery until December 2012, is described in an official description as ‘pretty, provocative, and magical’ but not officially referred to as a drag-queen.

His design partner David told Britain’s Daily Mail that the doll ‘may loosely be based on Phillipe and this character that he plays within our little Blond world.’

The glamorous Barbie wears a silvery mini corset dress modelled on an actual piece from the ‘Blond Legends’ fall 2008 collection featuring faux gems and a full length faux fox fur, as well as eyelash extensions.

Speaking on her Facebook page, Barbie said: ‘This year, Ken and I have been traveling the world to various fashion weeks, where I can find inspiration and play with fashion in a way I never have before: as a fashion designer!’

Vice-president of marketing for Mattel’s girls’ brands Cathy Cline told the New York Times: ‘One of the great things about Barbie is that she continues to push the envelope.

‘Barbie doesn’t worry about what other people think.’



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