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Barbra Streisand talks about singing on tour with her gay son, Jason Gould

'It was the most joyous time with my son ever, ever, ever'

Audiences at Barbra Streisand's recently-concluded Back to Brooklyn concert tour were treated to something that had never been by the public before: a duet between Streisand and her son, Jason Gould.

Gould, 45, joined his mother on How Deep Is the Ocean and revealed to the world an impressive singing voice that he had previously not shared with the public.

'It was the most joyous time with my son ever, ever, ever,' Streisand says in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly in an interview to promote her new film The Guilt Trip.

Mother and son had worked together in the 1991 film The Prince of Tides in which he played her son.

They are quite close and worked out their issues long ago says Streisand who was married to her son's father, actor Elliot Gould, for eight years.

'There's just a pure, unconditional love that's a mitzvah,' she says. 'There are years when he was a teenager, and later than that, you know, angers that are built up. But he's done so much great work on himself, that he is so comfortable with himself that he could get up on a stage after never having performed before and be okay with that.'

Gould, who was outed by a tabloid in 1991, wrote, produced and directed the short film Inside Out in 1997, the same year he appeared on London's West End in the play The Twilight of the Golds.

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