Barcelona is heating up for Pride!

Spain's beach-side party city is ready to celebrate with sun-kissed gays and lesbians

Barcelona is heating up for Pride!
30 June 2012

With temperatures in the high C30s, Spain’s beach-side party city is kicking into celebration mode for this weekend’s Pride festivities.

The gay district of Eixample (referred to by locals as ‘Gaixample’) has been getting busier each night as the weekend draws near – we’ve met quite a few Americans and Canadians (many of whom were in town for the departure of a big RSVP Gay Cruise).

After topping up our all-over tans on San Sebastian (the gayest part of Barcelona beach and very much clothing-optional), we have been eating a lot of tapas and checking out bars such as People Lounge (an older crowd); Bubble Boys (where the pole dancers work up a sweat); Atame and its drag queens; Black Bull where the staff are friendly and the mojitos are excellent; and dancing at Metro and Arena.

Saturday night is the outdoor foam party which should be a lot of fun.

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