Barney Frank confirms gay marriage will be part of Democratic Party Platform

Openly gay US congressman: 'We are including marriage equality with my full support'

Barney Frank confirms gay marriage will be part of Democratic Party Platform
30 July 2012

The Democratic Party will officially endorse same-sex marriage at its national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in early September.

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, who married his longtime partner earlier this summer, confirmed on Monday (30 July) that marriage equality will be included among the Democrats other pro-LGBT platform positions.

Frank sits on the party’s platform committee and tells the Washington Blade that a 15-member panel unanimously backed the inclusion following a weekend hearing in Minneapolis.

‘I was part of a unanimous decision to include it,’ Frank said Monday (30 July). ‘There was a unanimous decision in the drafting committee to include it in the platform, which I supported, but everybody was for it.’

Talk of including marriage equality in the platform was being discussed even before President Barack Obama came out in support of gay marriage in May.

The Blade reports that the platform not only backs marriage equality, but also rejects the Defense Of Marriage Act and has ‘positive language’ about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Rick Jacobs, founder of the Courage Campaign, called the support for marriage equality ‘a historic move’ that places the party squarely on the right side of history alongside Obama.

‘For the first time, a major US political party has embraced gay and lesbian people as full Americans,’ Jacobs said. ‘We applaud the platform committee for having the courage to stand up for all Americans.’



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