Barney Frank says most Republican colleagues ignored his marriage

'There have been no negative comments. I think a few years ago there would have been'

Barney Frank says most Republican colleagues ignored his marriage
10 July 2012

Barney Frank may have made history over the weekend by becoming the first sitting member of the US Congress to marry someone of the same sex but most of his Republican colleagues did not bothered to congratulate him when he got back to work.

‘Mostly the Republicans have ignored it,’ Frank said Tuesday (10 July) on Current TV’s Bill Press Show.

But the outspoken liberal, who is retiring at the end of his current term, looks at the bright side: ‘There have been no negative comments. I think a few years ago there would have been.’

‘A couple of the Republicans have privately congratulated me,’ he added. ‘The Democrats have been enormously enthusiastic and friendly. I couldn’t invite as many to the wedding as I would have liked.’

Frank, 71, married longtime partner Jim Ready in Massachusetts on Saturday in a ceremony officiated by the state’s governor Deval Patrick.

‘The climate is changing and the opponents realize that the country is moving beyond them,’ he told Press.  ‘I think we are winning the war against this prejudice. I think we are going to have some states this year for the first time vote for it.’



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