Barrowman launches video campaign to support gay rights

John Barrowman teams up with the Kaleidoscope Trust to launch a video campaign for global LGBT rights

Barrowman launches video campaign to support gay rights
04 July 2012

Gay TV actor and presenter John Barrowman has launched a major new video campaign to win global support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

‘Imagine if it were illegal for you to be you? Well for millions of gay people it is. It should never be a crime to be gay,’ the 45 year old says.

The video shows footage of people being persecuted and attacked for having blue eyes or being short, parts of a person they can do nothing about. 

Barrowman, famous for his role as bisexual Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood, launches his campaign today (4 July) on YouTube and Kaleidoscope’s website.

In 78 countries people are persecuted for being gay, and in five of those the maximum penalty is death. 

‘I’ve had a sneak preview of this video and it’s powerful stuff,’ Barrowman added. ‘It brings home to people how they would feel if some crazy law made it illegal for them simply to be themselves.

‘We are all human beings and we all deserve the same rights. And that includes the right to love whoever we choose to love.’

Harjeet Johal, Deputy Executive Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust commented: ‘It is hoped this film will come as a timely reminder that whatever freedoms we may enjoy in Britain, those same freedoms are denied to millions of others around the globe.’

The Kaleidoscope Trust is dedicated to offer support to people threatened by homophobia and criminal sanctions because of their gender identity. For further details on Barrowman’s campaign, visit the Kaleidoscope website.

Watch the video here: 



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