Barrowman wishes gay men and lesbians on TV weren’t so often stereotyped in US

Of shows like Glee and Smash: 'It’s always the same type they choose'

Barrowman wishes gay men and lesbians on TV weren’t so often stereotyped in US
07 September 2012

John Barrowman is as well known for his roles on stage in such musicals as Sunset Boulevard and Anything Goes as he is for his work on television’s Torchwood.

So who better than this multi-talented openly gay star to weigh in on the rise in gay and lesbian characters on such US shows as Glee and Smash.

‘I love them,’ Barrowman says in the current issue of Desert Outlook Magazine. ‘I think that any show that brings diversity onto the screen, particularly in the way these shows are shown, I’m 100 percent behind.’

While he also notes that ‘America has the most gay men represented on television than any country in the world,’ Barrowman does have a few quibbles with the characterizations.

‘The only thing I wish they would do more often is not stereotype those gay men and women,’ he says. ‘It’s always the same type they choose. Rather than seeing camp, flouncy, girly men and butch heavy women, it would be nice to see other types. There are ‘lipstick lesbians,’ pretty girls. There are butch guys, guys who are into sports.’



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