Be your favorite Sex and the City girl with show inspired perfume

Two new perfumes  launched to celebrate the cult tv show and the city that inspired it all

Be your favorite Sex and the City girl with show inspired perfume
24 August 2012

It’s been almost a decade since Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda sipped their last cocktail after the cult television series Sex and the City ended in 2004.

But two feature films later, with a prequal television series, The Carrie Diaries, to premier in 2013, our passion for those four women still runs deep.

However, if you are having withdrawal symptoms Givaudan have just the thing for you.

They have created two new summer perfumes and body sprays, Sunrise and Sunset, to capture the ultimate glamor and chic of Manhatten. 

One for day wear and one for evening, these two perfumes conjure up images of the glamorous lives of the Sex and the City girls. 

Spritz on day-scent Sunrise, created to evoke the feeling of a laid-back Manhattan the scents of mandarin oil, white peach and lily of the Valley create a doorway into the magical New York that are inhabited by Carrie and Co, envision going for cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery, browse an art gallery or shop at the chicest boutiques.

Then as day slips into night ‘Sunset’ mimics the vibrant nightlife and atmosphere of the Big Apple, imagine eating at a restaurant opening, dancing the night away at an exclusive guest-list only club or sipping cocktails with your best friends. 

Both perfumes cost £22.50 each and have accompanying body spray £5, to buy visit



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