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Belarus calls to cancel Eurovision over inclusion of drag singer

Austria has chosen Conchita Wurst, a drag singer, to represent the country in the European singing contest
Austrian singer Conchita Wurst will perform at Eurovision Song Contest 2014 despite protests from Belarus.

Belarus has called for Eurovision to be edited or even cancelled so people do not have to witness a drag queen singer perform on stage.

A petition has launched saying Austria’s choice of Conchita Wurst is offensive and ‘propagates a lifestyle that is unacceptable for Belarusian society.’

Wurst, a famous Austrian singer, is renowned for her ‘bearded lady’ look.

Behind the makeup is gay singer, Tom Neuwirth, who describes himself as a man and Wurst as a character he plays. He does, however, use female pronouns to describe himself when he plays as Wurst.

‘Thanks to European liberals, the popular international contest, which is to be watched by our children, has turned into a hotbed of sodomy,’ the petition reads.

In the petition, they claim Belarus is one of the only countries in Europe ‘able to maintain normal and healthy family values based on love and mutual support between men and women.’

Belarus’ Ministry of Information has not revealed how many people have signed the petition.

It is fairly likely BTRC, the channel that airs the European singing contest, will ignore the petition as it is one of their biggest ratings winners.

Current Eurovision rules also state broadcasters must show the contest in its entirety.

When Finland had announced their act would include a same-sex kiss last year, Turkey cancelled the show at the last minute forcing audiences to watch it elsewhere.

This is likely not going to be the last controversy surrounding Austria’s selection.

Shortly after Wurst was chosen by an internal body and not by public vote, anti-Wurst Facebook groups were soon started in Austria.

In the contest’s past, Drama Queen, a solo drag act, competed for Denmark in 2007 and Dana International, an Israeli trans pop singer, went onto win the show for Israel in 1998.

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I'm from Belarus. Conchita is magic. I'm happy that she won.

The children , the children who will save the children from the the perverted Eurvision contest. I marvel at these dictators plaintive cry
yet, it is a known fact in these countries children are abused, beaten
by drunken fathers. What a straw to grasp.

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