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Belgium jails robbers who targeted gay men

Two young men have been convicted after they enticed gay men to an isolated location in Antwerp, Belgium and robbed them of their cash, bankcards and mobile phones
Gay men were conned to think they were heading for a romantic meet near the Boerentoren Tower, Antwerp, Belgium, but in reality they were led into a trap by criminals who robbed them.

Two young men are reported to have been convicted for luring gay men to a desolate location robbing them of their cash, bankcards and mobile phones.

The criminals used a Dutch dating site to pose as gay men seeking romantic meets. The men who were conned by the criminals thought they were heading for a romantic meet at the food of the Boerentoren (or KBC) Tower in Antwerp, Belgium.

The gangsters the proceeded to rob the men, often using violence, one victim was reported to have been stabbed in arm and foot.

The robbers selected gay men as targets because they thought they would be more reluctant to file a complaint with the police.

However, six victims including one straight guy did file a complaint.

The judge who passed the sentence on Wednesday (29 August) labelled the robbers' actions as despicable.

One of the criminals, who had previous similar convictions by a youth magistrate, received a four year prison sentence of which eleven months suspended.

The second received a two year prison sentence, half of which was suspended.

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